Adam Hart


Twitter: @AMHart808


Previous Education

PhD Music, University of Salford (current)

PGCE Secondary School Music, Edge Hill University, 2014

MA Composition, University of Salford, 2013

BA (Hons) Popular Music & Recording, University of Salford, 2009

Thesis Title

Experiential Learning Technologies in the Modern Music Classroom


Professor Alan Williams, University of Salford

Professor Stephen Davismoon, Edge Hill University

Research Summary

The aim of my research is to examine how interactive technologies can be effectively integrated with independent learning environments for the study of music. The central premise is that music should be an active and engaging subject for students of all ages, abilities and interests, and that interactive technology holds enormous potential for added value in teaching and learning. To investigate this, I am developing prototype software environments incorporating multimedia devices, and work with teachers to design lesson structures which employ these resources within a sequence of creative musicking activities. The case study examination of this process focuses not just on the technologies themselves, but on how these function within a wider environment of group work, independent study, and teaching practice.

Research Interests

My research interests concern educational philosophy, usually within the context of pedagogy and musical learning. I am interested in precursors to creativity in learning environments, being of the opinion that creative expression is the product of active social processes. I also have a keen interest in interactive technology, especially where this advances communication of ideas which are difficult to express effectively by other means. Though not part of my research, I maintain an active role as a composer of electronic music, and try to incorporate my other interests into this practice where possible.


Hart, A. (2016). Microtonal Tunings in Electronic Dance Music: A Survey of Precedent and Potential. Contemporary Music Review, 1-21.