Annie Dickinson


Previous education

  • BA English Literature, University of Manchester (2010-2013)
  • MA English Literature, University of Birmingham (2013-2014)

Thesis title

The Early Modern Malcontent.


Dr. Naomi Baker and Dr. Fred Schurink.

Research summary

My current research explores the expression of the malcontent attitude in early modern literature and culture, with a focus on drama and verse satire. A combination of literary creation and social phenomenon, the malcontent is a cynical and melancholy outsider who satirically critiques a society with which s/he refuses to be contented.

Drawing on the work of John Marston, Thomas Middleton, William Shakespeare, and their contemporaries, my thesis examines the ambivalent position that the malcontent occupies in the early modern imagination, its place at social, hierarchical and national borders, and the threat to political and social order that the malcontent and malcontented speech represent. In particular, I argue that the malcontent attitude represents a negotiation of contemporary anxieties around shifting social boundaries and their effects on subjectivity.