Falk Morawitz


Previous Education

MMus Electroacoustic Composition (University of Manchester 2015)
MChem Chemistry with medicinal chemistry (University of St Andrews 2012)

Thesis Title

Molecular Sonification as a new catalyst for music composition and a tool for raising social awareness of environmental and health issues of global importance


Prof Ricardo Climent
Prof Gareth Morris

Research Summary

I am transforming chemical data recorded in analytical chemical experiments to sound. I am looking at the aesthetic implications of the resulting sound worlds via electroacoustic music composition. Furthermore, my work is concerned with the contextualisation of anthropogenic challenges through music and mixed media.

Key research questions

Can molecular sonification as a scientific technique act as a creative vehicle and innovator for contemporary electroacoustic compositional practises?

In what way can socio-cultural connotations towards science be used in musical compositions and sound art installations to effectively raise awareness of key anthropogenic environmental and health challenges?

Research interests

Molecular sonification, acousmatic music composition, new media, human-computer interfaces, global warming, sound art, acoustic ecology


Falk Morawitz, ‘Molecular Sonification of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data as a Novel Tool for Sound Creation’, Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, 2016, 1, pp. 16.
Koehnke J.A.J.G.; Bent A.F.; Houssen W.E.; Zollman D.; Morawitz F. et al. “The mechanism of patellamide macrocyclization revealed by the characterization of the PatG macrocyclase domain“ Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 2012, 19, 8, 767-772.