Inés Gregori Labarta

Twitter: @InesGLabarta

Previous Education

Creative Writing MA (Lancaster University), Modern Languages and Cultures (English and Japanese) BA (University of Edinburgh, Autonomous University of Madrid).

Thesis Title

Following The Bull: A Shared Tale from Ireland and Spain


Dr Jenn Ashworth and Dr Eoghan Walls

Research Summary

My research explores the literary connections between Ireland and Spain through the writing of a trilogy of novellas and a critical essay. Catholicism, terrorism, multilingualism and migration are some of the themes present in my work that are also a constant in both, Irish and Spanish society. My project will use the creation of these novellas to resist the exploration of cultural identity in terms of ‘difference’ but rather to reconceive different European national identities as underpinned by historic links – links which reach deep into the narrative and symbolic imagination. My project will also constitute a creative response to the current climate of hostility to migration and the essentialism that is attached to identity by those resisting migration.

Research interests

Irish writing, Spanish writing, Multilingual writing, Multicultural writing, Spanish Civil War Irish Contemporary History, Celtic Studies.


El Fantasma de Mozart (2008) Edebé (novel).
El Loco de Paris (2008) Edebé. (novel).
El Tesoro de los Indios (2010) Edebé (novel).
Un Plátano (2012) Autonomous University Literary Magazine (short story).
McTavish Manor (2016) Holland House Books (novella).
Learning of Scientific methodology through practical works (2015) DIM Magazine (academic article).
Kabuki (to be published in 2016) Dairea Ediciones (novella).