Pavel Prokopic


Previous Education

BA (Hons) First Class, Film and TV Production, University of Westminster
MSt in Film Aesthetics, Magdalen College, University of Oxford

Thesis Title

Between Narrative/Semiotic Structure and the Moving Body: Searching for Affective Signs in Film Performance


Dr Joanne Scott and Dr Martin Flanagan

Research Summary

My practice-as-research project focuses on moments in film drama where the original production plan and intention have been transposed by subtle accidents, making these moments charged with indistinct emotion and meaning – the sort of meaning and emotion, which we cannot quite explain or understand. That is because these moments happen on the threshold between movement and stillness: between the unpredictable, chaotic flow of reality, and our human world of signs, concepts and intentions.

The objective of my practice is to maximise the artistic potential of these moments by experimenting with performance of actors and non-actors, and by utilising the chaos of reality instead of following an exact production plan; or rather, the plan constantly evolves through the process of intuition, discovery and chance.

Engaging, unifying film structures will be created in the editing process, through which the emotionally meaningful moments will be chiselled out and amplified, and further unexpected (narrative) patterns are bound to emerge. In this way, these magic moments – the Affective Signs – will become the key structuring principle of this original work.

The key aim of the project is to expand the aesthetic potential of cinema by exploring and discovering a new kind of film structure, whilst offering a powerful and significant cinematic experience to the art-house audience.

Beyond this, the underlying theoretical research will contribute with new findings to current scholarly debates on the Affect theory, film performance and practice-as-research, and will form the basis of new practical methods and approaches to directing and acting for the screen – ultimately benefiting film and performance students through lectures, workshops and in a textbook format.

Research Interests

• Film performance
• Affect theory
• Semiotics
• Art cinema
• Film philosophy
• Cinematography
• Practice-as-research