Ruth Abou Rached


Previous education

  • BA in Arabic and French Studies, University of Cambridge
  • MA Distinction, in Translation and Interpreting Studies, University of Salford

Thesis title

Reflections or projection? Iraqi women writers in Arabic-English translation and feminist translation approaches.


Prof Ursula Tidd, Dr Anastasia Valassopoulos.

Research summary

My research explores the novels of Iraqi women novels in Arabic-English translation alongside different feminist translation approaches.

Research interests

  • Postcolonial Arabic Literature
  • Cross-cultural studies
  • Translation
  • Gender
  • Arab women’s literature


Journal Article

“The politics of women-focused activism, academia and the state in Middle East and North Africa” Contemporary Levant, Taylor & Francis Online(2016).


“Feminist Paratranslation as Literary Activism: Iraqi Writer-Activist Haifa Zangana in the Post-2003 US” in Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives (eds. Emek Ergun & Olga Castro) which is part of the Routledge Advancing in Translation and Interpreting Series (2017).