E. Sophie Schuenemann

Email: e.s.schuenemann@keele.ac.uk

Previous Education

BSc Biology and English Literature | Keele University (2005-2008)

MA Science & Environmental Journalism | University of Lincoln (2008-2009)

PGCE Secondary Science | University of Hull (2009-2010)

MA Creative Writing | Keele University (2013-2014)

Thesis Title

The Tales that No One Told You: An Excavation of the Life and Fairy Tales of Sophie von Baudissin


First: Dr Timothy Lustig | Keele University (Theory Component: Dissertation)

Second: Gwendoline Riley | Keele University (Creative Component: Novel)

Advisory: Dr Cathy Gelbin | University of Manchester (German Studies)

Research Summary

My research focuses on the little-known life and fairy tales of the German nineteenth-century children’s author Sophie von Baudissin. More specifically, I am drawing on Judith Butler’s theory of performativity to examine how Baudissin’s tales challenged the prevalent gender ideology of her time. I am also translating the stories into English and writing a novel that re-imagines Baudissin’s life by drawing inspiration not only from surviving letters, and memoirs of contemporaries, but also from my dissertation findings and the fairy tales themselves.

Research Interests

• Fairy Tales
• German Nineteenth-Century History
• Gender Studies
• Translation
• German Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Female Authors
• Children’s Literature