Past KE Projects

Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT)

FACT is the UK’s leading arts media centre based in Liverpool and if focused on bringing people, art and technology together.  FACT’s award-winning building houses three galleries, a café, bar and four cinema screens.  Since the organisation was founded in 1988 it has commissioned and presented over 450 world class new media and digital artworks from artistis including Pipilotti Rist, Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Isaac Julien in its exhibition centre.  The Research and Innovation Department ensures collaboration between artists, technologists, HE and cultural institutions, scientists and creative industry specialists exploring the social and economic impact of emergent technologies.  Recent projects include: LCR Activate, FACTLab, Film Talent Development Programme, the CX Hub (AHRC) and the Living Room of the Future (BBC and the British Council).

Articulating Women – Interrogating Intersectionality and Empowering Women Through Critical Engagements

An International Networking Project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Gender equality is of central importance to progress within an increasingly global world, but gender roles and attitudes to gender shaped centuries ago continue to influence cultural, social and economic behaviour. Too often, policy commitments to equal opportunities for women and rhetorical statements of the importance of women’s contribution to society mask real-life behaviours that inhibit women’s advancement; indirectly, if not directly reinforce women’s subordinate position; and translate multicultural anxieties into conflicts over gender roles and behaviours.

Articulating Women seeks to raise awareness of the complexities of gender expectations and constraints as these operate within different cultural contexts. We believe that understanding paves the way for actions, and that understanding is therefore a step toward achieving greater gender equality.

FACT is looking for PGR student whose research is in this area, specifically in relation to arts practice, performance and film for up to 6 months to contribute to the development of the above project and its associated Liverpool-based conference in June 2019. Based at FACT, activities will include: working under the direction of the Principal Investigator and the Head of Innovation at FACT on the thematic development and delivery of the Dissemination Conference in Liverpool;  proposing sub-themes and co-research activities in practice-led research in this area, with a particular interest in “performance as research”, with the Advisory Committee in Liverpool; articulating and delivering on those sub-themes, when approved, during the conference; drafting marketing copy and other appropriate materials leading up to and during the Dissemination Conference in Liverpool (June 2019); evaluating the impact of this work and reporting it to the Advisory Committee and partners; contributing to supporting the overall aims and objectives of the project. Some International travel may be involved.

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Archive as a Narrative Medium

The FACT archive consists of a range of material including digitised moving image, tapes, original digital artworks, catalogues and other printed material. The content of the archive is partially catalogued and indexed.

We are looking for a current PGR with an interest in archives to look at how best to establish an online archive. We wish to move beyond a passive store of material to a resource that can be used as a form of story construction based on the algorithmic gaze. As a preparation we wish to formalise the archive and choose how best to organise, catalogue and put the archive into a database. We would also like to look at ways to search or process the archive. We are looking for new methodologies and approaches to create an active, living archive that has the capacity to dynamically develop and that reflects the work of FACT as a pioneering media centre.

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We are looking for a PGR to work with us to develop and test an open source hardware and software resource aimed at Artists and other creatives who would like to use sensors and electronics in their art but have little electronics or coding experience. In recent years platforms such as Arduino make use of embedded controllers easier but there is still a steep learning curve which can lead to disillusionment. We wish to create a kit of hardware and software recipes that make putting together simple circuits and interactions with sensors and outputs easier for learners in the initial stages of the education. There will be modular components that can be plugged together and code that can be patched and reused.

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Machine To Be Another

Barcelona based artist collective, BeAnotherLab, have created an augmented reality system as an empathy machine. The system can be used to experience the first person perspective of another person who may be from another country, subculture or gender. The system engenders empathy and understanding with others. The project has contributed to a multilingual European STEAM curriculum for young people and adults not in formal education as part of the 4CDE Erasmus+ programme.

We are looking for a PGR to work with us to replicate and develop the empathy system so we can continue projects with local participants and schools that we started with BeAnotherLab. The placement would create the system, collect 360 degree video, test the output with appropriate user groups, and develop new applications for the system using FACT’s networks and associates.

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Opera North

Opera North welcomes applications for placements based on its Research Agenda 2017-2020.

Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service

The collections held by Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service have been recognised as being of national importance, as recognised by the award of Designated Status.  The Archives welcome placement proposals based on their collections.

National Trust

The National Trust also welcomes applications for placements based on their Research Strategy 2019 theme ‘Radical Landscapes’

Royal Institution

The Royal Institution is an independent charity that is dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to think more about science and its role in our lives.  The RI is looking for a Digital Media Intern for 12 weeks between May and September 2019.  There is some flexibility on dates for the right candidate.  Full details are available here and the deadline for applications is the 2nd April 2019.