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NWCDTP Blog: New Year, Fresh Start?

Emily Lynn is a NWCDTP funded first year PhD researcher in the Department of Politics, Philosophy...
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PhD Survival: 7 Bullets To Dodge* (Pete Kalu)

The poet, Coleridge was famously interrupted as he was writing his brilliant work, Kubla Khan. He said he dreamt the entire poem (some reaearchers say possibly under the influence of opium!) then sat down to write it.  He was halfway through when someone knocked on...

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Confessions of A Secret Art Lover

I’m a writer but sometimes I get sick of writers.  Then I hang out with visual artists.  I like to listen to agonising about light, shade, colour, shape, framing etc.  I feel they are indirectly talking to me about my own work.  Recently, I found myself looking at the...

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The Joy of the Archive (Seán Hewitt)

This summer, thanks to funding from the NWCDTP and the British Association of Irish Studies, I spent a week in the archives at Trinity College Dublin, looking at the papers of J.M. Synge. I’ve been to the archives before on shorter visits, but there’s nothing like a...

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