Student representation

We have three student representatives who can bring issues and suggestions to the various NWCDTP committees.

They currently are:

If you are interested in becoming a student rep please contact the DTP administrator: 


The NWCDTP committees are as follows:


  • Strategy Board (Director of the NWCDTP and 7 pro-vice Chancellors) – Meeting twice a year
  • Academic Management Committee (Director of the NWCDTP, 7 associate Deans, and Student Reps) – Meeting 3 times a year
  • Training, Employment and Knowledge Exchange (TEKE)- (Researcher Development teams, non-HEI Partners reps, student reps and Pathway reps) – Meeting 4 times a year
  • Partnership Advisory Board (Chair of the Strategy Board, Members of AMC, SB and Reps from all non-HEI partners) – Meeting once a year
  • Studentship Allocation Committee  – Meeting once a year