Events Calendar

NWCDTP Etiquette Policy with regards to event attendance:

It should be noted that in planning their training programme, research students are expected to identify courses which will be most appropriate for their personal training needs and to manage their own diary in an efficient and professional manner.

In making a booking participants are:

  • Committing themselves to attend the training or workshop for its full duration
  • Agreeing to arrive on time for the event
  • Indicating that they will participate in activities taking place as part of the event
  • Agreeing to undertake any pre-requisite activities as requested

If you are unable to attend a course please contact us to request a cancellation as soon as it is possible via

The majority of our workshops/training events have waiting lists, therefore those who book on to a workshop but fail to attend are denying others a place. The current DTP policy is that we contact supervisors directly to inform them of those research students who have booked to attend a workshop/event but fail to turn up and neglect to cancel their place. If you attend a workshop/event, please ensure to sign the register.

Workshops/events are costly to run and failing to turn up without a good reason is discourteous to other students who may have wished to attend. Failure to cancel a place on more than one occasion may prevent you from booking events in the future.

Event Item

25 December 2021, 12pm-1pm
There are currently, no events planned.

Another Event Item

01 January 2022, 12pm-1pm
There are currently, no events planned.