NWCDTP Residential

Each year we create unique opportunities to bring our PhD researchers together to learn, connect and share.


2022 Residential 

Our 2022 Residential programme offered a programme of activities in hybrid mode, part online and part face to face from our panoramic venue at the Lake District. The programme mixed team work and individual activities, with a focus on Knowledge Exchange, Collaboration and Wellbeing, which are among our top strategic priorities. 

After the strain of the past two years this is an amazing opportunity to come together in the beautiful setting of the Lake District to talk about ideas, wellbeing, and knowledge exchange. We’ve put together a great programme and we’re really excited to see you all! 

Prof. Jerome De Groot, NWCDTP Director

I am thrilled we are able to offer this fantastic Residential programme this year, and especially to bring our brilliant researchers to engage with an amazing local cultural partner with an incredibly rich offer and international profile, who will provide a real life challenge for our researchers to engage with, explore innovative ideas and potential future collaborative opportunities.

Dr Rosalinda Quintieri / NWCDTP Lead for PGR KE

Our Knowledge Exchange Partner

For this Residential we collaborated with Wordsworth Grasmere who offered a real-life case study to apply our Knowledge Exchange training, at a fantastic time after their £6.5 million reimagining of the museum and site completed in 2021. 


The challenge we face is creating a sustainable organisation that preserves the internationally recognised place and collections whilst creating relevant and meaningful interpretation and activities for a wide range of individuals and communities. This collaboration, which we hope will offer fresh thinking, is much welcomed – we very much look forward to working with you! The ideas which emerge from it may give enjoyment and inspiration to many, many people for years to come.

 Jeff Cowton MBE, Curator and Head of Learning at Wordsworth Grasmere

Feedback from Student Reps in attendance  

Being a PhD student comes with a lot of pressure, guilt and rollercoaster emotions. What we are not good at as PhD students, is being kind to ourselves, and allowing time to get headspace or to step away from our work, as we feel guilty doing this. What the Residential has provided to the attendees is a great space for learning, to get headspace, and focus on self-Wellness. In the beautiful setting of the Lake District, it allowed for the collaborative sharing of ideas with peers, an open space for sharing research and knowledge, and it offered a safe space for personal and work expression. I would recommend this Residential to every PhD student, as it is a warm, welcoming, supportive, yet also educational space to get away and out of your normal routine, to rebalance, refocus yourself and your work. I feel more energised, motivated and inspired. I finally feel part of a community (of wonderful people)! It’s been a great reset and a fantastic opportunity to connect with others in a meaningful way. Thank you so much!

Phoebe Kowalska, Manchester Metropolitan University

Like many of the researchers who attend the Residential, I started my PhD at the same time that governments around the world were putting in place a series of lockdowns and other measures aimed at controlling and reducing the spread of the coronavirus. The measures meant that for extended periods of time people couldn’t travel or gather. They also meant that for extended periods of time PhD researchers could only meet online. While there is much value in how online spaces made it possible for PhD researchers to continue their work and for people around the world to meet and share ideas, the Residential made it possible for researchers to meet in person and nurtured a sense of community. It gave those who attended the chance to talk to and learn and draw inspiration from one another. And it countered the isolation of PhD research in a way that online meetings cannot do. For me, one of the highlights of the Residential was the evening where researchers shared music, poetry, stories and song. The evening was beautiful and joyous and it showed how massively talented the people in the cohort are. I am very glad I attended and I look forward to more occasions like this.

Ambrose Musiyiwa, University of Manchester 



Feedback from Researchers  

This has been excellent for helping to give momentum to your PhD if perhaps you are stalled. It’s so important to build communities and I feel so much part of one now. The connections I have made will bring new perspectives to my research and enrich it. 

Will Medd’s wellbeing session was very meaningful to lots of us, as helped to reflect on unhealthy practices while doing a PhD. The Silent Walk was great and I loved the Digital Geographies walk on the final day! Thanks for a fantastic programme, excellent location and the supportive environment. 

I greatly appreciated the chance to work together in teams on a project and get to present it to the partner. It felt like something we would do in real life and that all our various ideas and experiences were of real benefit to the partner. 

I would definitely recommend Residential to other PhD researchers as it provides an opportunity to step out of one’s routine and normal ways of thinking. Discussing one’s research with other PhDs asks for a clarity of thinking and ability to communicate in clear language.  Getting different perspectives and approaches working together on a project was refreshing, while the opportunity to reflect and learn wellbeing techniques is invaluable.