Akiho Suzuki

Akiho Suzuki

Twitter: @akiho_suzuki12
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akiho-suzuki-862101249/
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Akiho-Suzuki
Email: akiho.suzuki@rncm.ac.uk
Website: https://akihosuzuki.com/

Thesis Title

Development and evaluation of an online intervention on practice and performance preparation for tertiary piano students


Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester Metropolitan University


Professor Jane Ginsborg (RNCM)
Dr Michelle Phillips (RNCM)
Dr Zoe Franklin (MMU)

Research Summary

My PhD project involves developing and testing an online intervention that aims to equip conservatoire piano students with skills and strategies for effective practice and performance preparation.

Research Interests

Performance science,
effective music practice,
optimal performance,
online intervention development,
scale development and validation.


Peer-reviewed papers

Suzuki, A., & Pitts, S.E. (in press), Towards effective performance psychology interventions in tertiary music education: an exploration of students’ experiences, attitudes, and preferences. Psychology of Music.

Suzuki, A., & Mitchell, H. F. (2022). What makes practice perfect? How tertiary piano students self-regulate play and non-play strategies for performance success. Psychology of Music, 50(2), 611–630. https://doi.org/10.1177/03057356211010927

Peer-reviewed conference presentations

Suzuki, Akiho (2023, 11-14 April). Developing an online intervention on effective practice and performance preparation for conservatoire piano students [Paper presentation]. The 13th International Conference for Research in Music Education, online.

Suzuki, Akiho (2022, 7-9 September). Effective practice and performance preparation interventions for tertiary music students: A systematic review [Poster presentation]. SysMus conference, Ghent, Belgium.

Suzuki, Akiho (2022, 2-3 September). Interventions designed to improve tertiary music students’ practising strategies: A systematic review [Paper presentation]. SEMPRE 50th anniversary conference, London, UK.


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