Asking experts

Who makes policy? How can I engage with policymakers? What value do policymakers attach to arts and humanities research from PGRs and ECRs?

In 2016 the NWCDTP asked a group of four experts from UK Parliament and the third sector to answer these questions and more. The insightful advice they gave in answer can be seen in the below set of short videos, produced for publication online.

Who makes policy?

Each of our experts give their thoughts on who makes policy. Featuring Tom Healey (Select Committee Clerk, UK Parliament), Jane Tinkler (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology), Jessica Field (Humanitarian Affairs Advisor, Save the Children), and Stephen McGinness (Select Committee Clerk, UK Parliament).

What Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in Arts and Humanities offer to Policymakers

Writing for Policymakers and UK Parliament

Including top tips, and which written formats are most consulted.

Writing Select Committee and Policy Briefs

Including what constitutes Select Committee (SC) evidence; ideal structure and length of a policy brief.

How to Engage with Policymakers

Including which media platforms are most used by policymakers and where to meet policymakers face-to-face.

Thanks to each of our experts; Rob Lindsay, Sandra Samaca and Matt O’Rourke, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool; Lalita John and the team at University of Liverpool in London; and Dr Wendy Asquith, Postdoctoral Research Associate with the NWCDTP.