AHRC NWCDTP Team research projects – initial proposals

The AHRC NWCDTP is looking to fund one interdisciplinary team-based project as part of its Collaborative Doctoral Award recruitment round in 2023/24.

The successful project will be awarded funding for up to three postgraduate researchers working on a team project. At least one of these projects must be a Collaborative Doctoral project. As with all DTP studentships the funding will be associated with the student.

The project should make allowance for PGRs in the team to be co-supervised across institutions. The expectation is that each student will be registered to different institutions across the DTP. However, a case can be made for one institutional base.

Projects should involve non-HEI partners. Projects might be submitted by Research Institutes and Centres, or individuals as PIs. Projects should be directed by one member of academic staff from any of the seven member institutions, or by a group/ centre/ institute.

Successful projects will also be able to draw directly on up to £2k per year of funding for network activity through our Research Networks scheme, as well as the usual competitive funding available to DTP students.

There are two stages to application. The first is an initial outline consisting of:

Project proposal (600 words):

  • Describe the intellectual remit of the team-based project
  • Outline how the project will develop the research culture and address the key strategic priorities of the NWCDTP, including (not limited to):
    • Sustainable Futures
    • Translation
    • Play
    • The future of the Humanities
    • Activism
    • Inclusion
    • Widening Participation
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Collaboration
    • Community
  • Expand upon the team’s purpose, in particular on how a group will expand the potential of the work
  • Outline how the team will work, in particular considering issues of collaboration and co-supervision
  • Address issues of interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and knowledge exchange

PhD outlines (up to three, 100 words each) – what each PhD project will consist of, including supervisory teams. Candidates can be named but this is not mandatory.

A fuller application will be submitted in October (see timeline below).


Workshop for CDA applicants – 25 May 1-2 online
Initial outlines – deadline 16 June 2023
Feedback – 30 June 2023
Complete criteria published – 16 July 2023
Completed applications – 14 October 2023 (as part of the CDA recruitment strand)