‘Becoming an Influential Researcher’ workshop

This event took place on Monday 16 November 2015. The programme included small group workshops and panel discussions in which participants consulted with expert practitioners and researchers.

Sessions focussed on highlighting the challenges and opportunities for engaging with policy-makers, increasing awareness of the policy-making process and developing policy-relevant communication strategies.

Workshop videos and resources

Engaging with policymakers as a ‘useful historian’

Professor Sally Sheard (History of Medicine, University of Liverpool) shares her early experiences of working with those who formulate policy in her presentation entitled ‘Engaging with Policymakers as a ‘Useful Historian’.

Download Sally’s presentation slides

Influencing policymakers during an academic career

Dr Alex Balch (International Politics, University of Liverpool) provides insight and advice to PGRs interested in having an influence on public policy while speaking on the topic of ‘Influencing Policymakers during an Academic Career’


Creating impact on parliament and government in the UK

Jane Tinkler (Head of Social Science Section, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) makes recommendations on ‘Creating Impact on Parliament and Government’ based on evidence collected for the jointly authored study ‘The Impact of the Social Sciences: How Academics and their Research Make a Difference’ (London: Sage, 2014).

Download Jane’s presentation slides