Antonella Carbone

Antonella Carbone

Twitter: @Antonella84327907
Instagram: antonella_.carbone

Thesis Title

The Encomium in Late Antique Egypt. The Rhetoric of Praise in Greek Poetry


University of Liverpool


Dr. Marco Perale
Prof. Bruce Gibson

Research Summary

Her research aims to investigate encomiastic poetry in the late antiquity period (4th – 7th century AD) in order to produce a rhetorical analysis of a wide selection of encomiastic works (papyri, inscriptions) She is concentrating on studying these eulogies through the lens of ancient rhetorical handbooks. Starting from such selection of texts, the main objectives of her research are to identify conventional themes and rhetorical strategies present in encomiastic compositions that were directly influenced by the rhetorical handbooks (first of all Menander Rhetor), to determine to what extent late antique poems were influenced by rhetorical conventions and techniques taught in schools and lastly to define the cultural and linguistic identity of the audience to the texts through the poets ‘rhetorical choices.

Research Interests

Antonella’s broader research interests include Imperial and late antique Greek literature, papyrology, history of Greek rhetoric, Greek epigraphy of the imperial age, Graeco-Roman Egypt.


Presentation of the Paper “Rhetorical strategies in Late Antique Encomia at the Twenty-Third Biennial Conference of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric (Radboud University Nijmegen) in August 2022.

Presentation of the paper “The Encomium in Late Antique Egypt. The Rhetoric of Praise in Greek Poetry in the Liverpool Wip ACE Seminar Series on January 2022.

Presentation of the paper “Late Antique Encomia on Papyrus and educational context. The case of the epicedia for an anonymous Professor of Beirut” in Greek and Latin carmina minora in Context, organised by Prof. Margot Neger/ Dr. Chiara di Serio University of Cyprus, 17th -19th March 2023.

Poster presentation “Rhetoric of Praises in Poetry: encomiastic topoi from Nonnus (Dionys.25) to an encomium on Papyrus” in the international Conference “Nonnus of Panopolis in Context V: Poetic Frontiers” Organised by David Hernández de la Fuente / Laura Miguélez Cavero, May 2023

Presentation of the paper “The social function of Praise in Late Antiquity: from Rhetorical handbook to Encomia on papyrus” in Care and Community in Late Antiquity, 300- 800 CE, University of Edinburgh, 25/26 May 2023

Presentation of the paper “Copying One’s Own Copy. The Copyist as Author in Hexameter Papyri” with Dr.Marco Perale in XVI Congreso Seec 2023 (Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos, 17 -21 July 2023)

Epicedio per un professore di Beirut. Traduzione e note di commento a P.Berol.Inv. 10559 in Itaca Quaderns De Cultura Clasica (2022, approved by anonymous peer-reviewers).


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