Arwyn Parry Owen

Arwyn Parry Owen

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Thesis Title

‘Cynhanes Cudd Môn’ (or ‘Anglesey’s Hidden Prehistory’) – A multimodal investigative approach into potential unrecorded archaeological sites on Anglesey spanning across the prehistoric to early historic periods.


Manchester Metropolitan University


Dr Ben Edwards
Dr Seren Griffiths

Research Summary

The island of Anglesey (Ynys Môn) contains some of the largest and best preserved archaeological remains in the UK. However, our understanding of the history of human activity on Anglesey is incomplete, with certain areas and time-periods suffering from a lack of research focus. Concomitantly, public understanding of this shared past is equally lacking. This collaborative doctoral proposal, with the help of non-academic partners at the Anglesey Museum and Gallery (Oriel Môn), seeks to achieve two important aims:

  1.  to dramatically increase our understanding of the late Bronze Age/Iron Age periods of Anglesey and further beyond.
  2.  to effectively communicate this prehistory/early history with the public, to aid understanding and foster a sense of community ownership and connection with the past.

To achieve this outcome the thesis will focus on the utilisation of multimodal investigative techniques on the landscape – using a combination of the folowing:

  1.  Archival research (including historical mapping data);
  2.  Aerial/satellite photography analysis (including historic imagery);
  3.  Analysis of the recently released pan-Anglesey LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) data by the Welsh government;
  4.  A combination of non-invasive (i.e. geophysical survey) and invasive (fieldwalking/metal detecting surveys and excavation) fieldwork.

Research Interests

Late Bronze Age,
Iron Age,
Romano British,
Early Medieval,
Landscape studies,
LiDAR and


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