Bethany Turner-Pemberton

Bethany Turner-Pemberton


Thesis Title

Technically Fabric: Innovation in Textile Practice and Design in 20th-21st Century Greater Manchester


Manchester Metropolitan University


Prof. Alice Kettle
Dr Sally Morfill
Lauren Ryall-Waite
Dr Steven Hayes

Research Summary

I’m a postgraduate researcher in the faculty of Arts and Humanities and MSARC. My PhD is a collaborative doctoral award funded by NWCDTP and in partnership with Science and Industry Museum, Department of Materials at UoM and MMU’s Special Collections. This research looks at contemporary textile production in Greater Manchester, investigating what textiles means to the region today. Through the research I aim to identify the important role that textiles play in the creation of Greater Manchester’s identity and sense of place, communicating these notions through curatorial practice with the museum partners. Alongside my PhD research I work as a Teaching Assistant in the Design Department at Manchester School of Art. My BA in Textiles in Practice and MA in Contemporary Curating are both from MMU.

Research Interests

and place.


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