Camila Soledad Montiel McCann

Twitter: montiel_mccann



Previous Education

English BA (Hons), First Class, University of Liverpool; Linguistics Master of Research, Distinction, University of Liverpool.


Thesis Title

Negotiating hegemonic femininity in Trump’s world – the positioning of “Woman” as a political tool in media discourse



Dr Sofia Lampropoulou

Dr Ursula Kania


Research Summary

Camila’s research takes up and builds on the theory of hegemonic femininity, incorporating feminist theory and language and gender research to produce a coherent and cohesive model of hierarchical femininity, where women hold positions of dominance/subordination amongst themselves according to their proximity to a patriarchal ideal. Camila’s research incorporates feminist poststructuralism and intersectionality to create a model that is applicable across disciplines and in everyday life. How this model is maintained, resisted or undermined by British broadsheet newspaper articles constructing a feminine identity is the subject of Camila’s discourse analytical research. The aim of this research is to assess how the media as an increasingly problematized political institution shapes and reshapes our cultural understanding of gender.


Research Interests

feminism, postfeminism, politics and identity, poststructuralism, media and communication, sociolinguistics, discourse, queer theory, neoliberalism

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