Charlotte Shevchenko Knight

Charlotte Shevchenko Knight

Twitter: @shevchenkonight
Instagram: @lottieshevchenko

Thesis Title

Hereditary Hunger and the Future of the Ukrainian Body: How the Holodomor Continues to Shape Generations of Ukrainians


Manchester Writing School, Manchester Metropolitan University


Professor Andrew McMillan
Professor Antony Rowland
Dr Kim Moore

Research Summary

The Holodomor was a man-made famine that killed approximately 3 million Ukrainians between 1932-1933. My research addresses questions of the Holodomor’s legacy in contemporary Ukraine, particularly in relation to its food culture and insistence on survival, likening this legacy to postmemory.

Through my creative practice, I probe what it means to represent narratives of famine and generational hunger in poetry, particularly in the lyric mode. Where narratives of hunger are defined by constraint, does the lyric, with its wealth of language and images, not negate lack?

Research Interests

Lyric poetry,
Ukrainian literature and
Food studies.


Collection: Food for the Dead (Jonathan Cape, February 2024)

Pamphlet: Ways of Healing (The Poetry Business, 2022)

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