Chloé Duteil

Chloé Duteil

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Thesis Title

The Many Lives of Seaweeds: Human Interactions with Seaweeds on the Breton and Welsh Coasts, 1870s-1930s


University of Liverpool


Professor Chris Pearson
Dr Christopher Donaldson
Dr Fiona Edmonds

Research Summary

My current work focuses on histories of people’s interactions with the environments that surrounded them, more specifically the spaces where sea and land meet. In my thesis, I examine how seaweeds featured and shaped the lives and identities of coastal dwellers in Brittany and Wales in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Research Interests

My research interests are located in the fields of coastal, environmental, social, and cultural history.


‘La liberté de récolter’: Seaweed politics, conflicts, and citizenship on the coast of Brittany, 1870s-1930s”, Society for the Study of French History, 2023.


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