Darryl Peers

Darryl Peers

Twitter: @darrylpeers
Email: darryl.peers@stu.mmu.ac.uk
Website: https://www.darrylpeers.com

Thesis Title

Queer Form: A Creative-Critical Methodology for Contemporary Scottish Fiction


Manchester Writing School, Manchester Metropolitan University


Professor Andrew McMillan
Dr H. Gareth Gavin
Dr Senthorun Raj

Research Summary

I ask what it means to write queerly. I consider the act of writing to be a way of being, expressive of the implicit methodology with which one approaches both their everyday lives and their professional practice. I am writing a novel which examines this question using practice-based methods. I am also writing a critical memoir which blends textual analysis with theory and anecdote to interrogate how my body functions as the methodology with which I approach my work.

Research Interests

Contemporary British & American literature,
Scottish literature of all periods,
queer and trans studies,
critical race studies,
creative-critical writing,
the short story
and memoir.


‘Afraid of My Ass’, NWCDTP Conference, Lancaster, 6th June 2023

‘Coming From A Shithole’, MMU PAHC Symposium, Manchester, 18th May 2023

‘Desperate for a Dick, Ali Smith Symposium, Cambridge, 26th April 2023


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