Eddie Meehan

Eddie Meehan

Email: e.meehan@liverpool.ac.uk
Website: https://liverpool.academia.edu/EddieMeehan

Thesis Title

Ideal and moral rulership between insular and Carolingian worlds


University of Liverpool


Dr Marios Costambeys (Liverpool)
Dr Ingrid Rembold (Manchester)

Research Summary

My research focuses on advice literature to kings written in the Carolingian and insular worlds. This literature, sometimes called Fürstenspiegel or mirrors for princes, can shed light on early medieval political culture more generally. My research therefore looks at how this literature creates an image of the ideal ruler and how it praises and criticises actual rulers. It involves themes of justice, ministerium and gendered roles among others. It also uses quantitative digital humanities methodologies, particularly text mining and analysis.

Research Interests

Political culture,
discourse communities,
global history,
advice literature,
digital humanities
and text mining.


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