Ellen Werner

Ellen Werner

Twitter: @Ellen__Werner
Email: ellensophie.werner@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

Thesis Title

Early Modern Cultures of Reading in North West England


University of Manchester


Dr Fred Schurink
Prof Sasha Handley
Dr Fergus Wilde

Research Summary

My project aims to uncover the history of reading in early modern North West England. While there have been numerous studies of Renaissance reading focussing on London and the South East, I hope to show that there was a similarly thriving community of readers in the North West. Drawing on the collections of Chetham’s Library in Manchester, I aim to study the North West as both a place with distinct local features and with connections to international cultural and literary developments.

Research Interests

Book history,
history of reading,
Neo-Latin studies,
early modern poetry and poetic form
and marginalia.


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