Emily Baker

Email: emily.baker@liverpool.ac.uk
Twitter: @emilybakermusic
website: www.emilybaker.co.uk

Previous Education

MA in Gender & Music (University of Sussex)
BA in Music & Media (University of Sussex)

Thesis title

‘Maintained and Ravaged Singing Voices: Ageing, Queer Temporality, Spatiality and Embodiment’.


Dr Freya Jarman & Prof. Sara Cohen.

Research summary

I am a third-year postgraduate researcher at the University of Liverpool working on a thesis that examines the function, properties and impact of the aesthetic of age in the voice in contemporary pop music. With a grounding in popular music studies and discourse around the voice, my work is underpinned by cultural studies perspectives on age and ageing processes as well as phenomenological, feminist and queer perspectives on identity more broadly. In other words, I spends as much of her time reading Barthes, Foucault, Butler and Halberstam as I does listening to, and watching the performances of, Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell and Grace Jones.

Research interests

voice and vocality; queer theory; feminism; theories of identity in gender, sexuality, race, class; cultural studies; poststructuralism; ageing studies and gerontology; songwriting; phenomenology.

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