Emily Hoyle

Twitter: EmilyEHoyle

Email: e.hoyle@lancaster.ac.uk


Previous Education

2016 – 2018 Lancaster University, Masters in Gender and Women’s Studies – Distinction

2009 – 2012 University for the Creative Arts, BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion and Imaging – First Class


Thesis Title

The fantasy of techno-transcendence: power and culture in the transhumanist movement



Dr Debra Ferreday

Dr Vicky Singleton


Research Summary

The transhumanist movement is made up of groups or individuals that as a whole shares an imaginary, to transcend or enhance the biological body through science and technology. In my thesis I aim to examine the cultural significant of the transhumanist movement, paying attention to power relations and subject positions. This thesis takes an interdisciplinary approach as inspired by the work of science and technology studies, cultural studies, posthumanism and feminist technoscience studies. I will consider how the techno-transcendence imaginary is stabilized through corporate institutions and non-profit organisations as well as how it is enacted through public performances such as online videos and conferences. I will use the approach of cultural studies of science and technology to address the emotional affects – the desires, hopes, aspirations and fears – of the transhumanist movement’s representations of the future and its imaginaries.


Research Interests

Feminism, gender theory, science fiction, transhumanism, posthumanism, cryonics and cultural studies of science and technology

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