Emma Franklin

Email: e.franklin@lancaster.ac.uk

Twitter: @nilknarfamme

Previous Education

BA (Hons) in English Language and Linguistics, University of Wolverhampton 2010-2013
MRes in Corpus Linguistics, University of Birmingham 2013-2014

Thesis title

“Killing Animals: A Corpus Approach”


Prof Alison Sealey

Research Summary

My research explores the applicability of lexicographical corpus methods to (critical) discourse analysis, and examines human attitudes to other animals as evident in ‘killing’ constructions.

Research interests

Human-animal studies, corpus linguistics, corpus pattern analysis, ecolinguistics, killing and violence


Franklin, E. and Oakes, M. (2016, Forthcoming) Ngrams and Engrams: the use of structural and conceptual features to discriminate between English translations of religious texts. Corpora, 11(3), pp. 299-337.

Franklin, E. (2015) Some Theoretical Considerations in Off-the-Shelf Text Analysis Software. In Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop Associated with RANLP, pp. 8-15.

Ryan, M., Franklin, E., Galsinh, T., Potter, D., Wren, J., Kerrigan, M., & Walker, S. (2013) Students as digital change agents. The student engagement handbook: Practice in higher education, pp. 437-59. Emerald Publishing.

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