Hilary White

Email: hilary.white-3@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

Twitter: @hr_white

Previous education

MSc in Creative Writing, University of Edinburgh (2012-2013)
MA in English Literature, University of Edinburgh (2007-2011)

Thesis Title

Accommodating the Mess: New Forms for the Novel in Women’s Experimental Writing in 1960s and ’70s Britain


Dr. Kaye Mitchell (main supervisor) & Dr. Robert Spencer (co-supervisor)

Research Summary

My thesis focuses on the novels of Christine Brooke-Rose, Ann Quin and Brigid Brophy, examining the intersection of their most ‘experimental’ works with concurrent developments in theoretical discourses from linguistics to science, alongside corresponding shifts in the visual arts. Such broadness of scope constitutes an attempt to match the polymorphism and diversity of influences in these novels, as well as to investigate the increasing interdisciplinarity of art forms in the 1960s and ’70s. In concentrating on works by women, I hope to challenge the frequently gendered nature of the critical reception of experimental writing.

Research interests

Twentieth-century literature
Formal experimentation
Writing by women
Text / image relations
Literature & Art
Literature & Science

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