James Lawrence Slattery

Twitter: JamesLSlattery

Email: james.l.slattery@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

Website: www.tobereel.wordpress.com,  https://manchester.academia.edu/JamesLawrenceSlattery , https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4252-1835

Previous Education

BA Fine Art Goldsmiths (1:1) First Class Honors, MSt Film Aesthetics, University of Oxford (Distinction)


Thesis Title

Taking Back Desire: Visions of Queerness and Capitalism in Time



Dr David Alderson

Professor Jackie Stacey


Research Summary

My research positions queerness as a sit of resistance to late-capitalism. Using cultural psychoanalysis as the theoretical foundation, my thesis argues that queerness and neoliberalism use differing temporal logics in the production of subjectivity, aligning queerness with the present and emergent, and neoliberalism/late-capitalism with the future. Analysis of moving image, primarily film and video-art, provide a method of unpacking and elucidating these theoretical positions, and their material implications for the subject in society.


Research Interests

Queerness, political theory, neoliberalism, temporality, feminism, intersectionality, Lacan, Freud, psychoanalysis, film, video art, media studies, philosophy.



(Upcoming) A Matter of Life and Death: Cinematic Necropolitis in ‘Arrival’, Free Associations journal [peer-reviewed].

Love 2 Hate You: Jouissance Between Identity and Capital, Montez Press, 2018.

For a list of published journalism work please see Academia or Orcid.

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