Jamie Little

Email: j.little@lancaster.ac.uk

Previous Education

BA (Hons) First Class, Religious Studies, Lancaster University
MA (Distinction), Religious Studies, Lancaster University

Thesis Title

Identity, religious conviction, and the leader-follower relationship in charismatically-led religious movements


Professor Christopher Partridge

Research Summary

My research aims to explore the connections between personal religious conviction and the construction of religious identity in small religious movements with charismatic leaders. Through qualitative research, my research seeks to understand these themes within the framework of the symbiotic, fragile leader-follower relationship, in which identities become relational and refractive as they are continually constructed and reconstructed.

Research Interests

* Charismatic leadership
* Youth participation in religion
* Alternative religions
* Religion and popular culture
* The Branch Davidians
* Polytheism and Re-constructionism

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