Julia Maclachlan

Email: julia.maclachlan@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

Previous Education

MA (Distinction), History, University of Manchester
BA (Hons), First Class, History (Culture, Society, Economy), University of Mannheim, Germany

Thesis Title

Male Homosexuality 1945-70: Transnational Scientific and Social Knowledge in British and west European contexts.


Dr. Frank Mort and Dr. Christian Goeschel

Research Summary

My project investigates the transnational flows of scientific and social knowledge which shaped the understanding and experience of sexually dissident masculinities in Britain in a period of west European reconstruction and Cold War politics. Focusing on male homosexuality, my research traces how European sexual knowledge was translated into a British context, with its distinct national legislative and discursive framework. Placing homosexuality within networks of European sexological research, international political activism and subcultural activity, I seek to establish how these influences reshaped the self-conception of gay men in Britain.

Research interests

Transnational history, contemporary European history, history of sexuality

Conference Report

Männer mit Makel. Geschlechtsidentitäten und Gesellschaftsordnung in Deutschland und Europa nach 1945

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