Julian Randall

Julian Randall

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/randalljulian/
Email: randall.julian13@gmail.com
Website: https://julianrandall.com

Thesis Title

Black Men and Their Clothes


Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Fashion Institute


Benjamin Wild
Steve Miles
Muzna Rahman

Research Summary

Julian’s research examines the role of luxury fashion in constructing Black men’s identities in America. In doing so, he makes an account of their gender, consumption and dress practices. Overall, this project aims to conceive of Black men’s relationship to luxury as it relates to personal and aesthetic expression.

Research Interests

Fashion studies,
Black studies
and culture.


The Association for Dress Historians’ New Research In Dress History Conference Paper: ‘Stylin’ Busta Rhymes: A Celebration of Individuality and Cultural Identity through Dress’


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