Kate Caraway

Email: k.caraway@liverpool.ac.uk
Website: https://liverpool.academia.edu/KateCaraway

Current Programme

PhD in Classics, University of Liverpool

Previous education

MA in Ancient History (awarded distinction) from the University of Liverpool
BA(hons) in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Liverpool

Thesis Title

Tyranny, Population, and Social Organisation in Archaic Greece


Dr Zosia H Archibald and Dr Fiona Hobden

Research Summary

Exploring the social context of the emergence of archaic Greek tyranny during a period of rapid population growth, and the evolving nature of social cohesion in this environment by asking, how the archaic Greeks overcame the problems of creating and maintaining social bonds in progressively larger communities; how we should understand the emergence of social institutions and mechanisms structuring and mediating individual behaviour; and what role tyrants played in this. Applying a social anthropological perspective to archaeological evidence, presenting material developments visually through Geographical Information Systems (GIS), combined with readings of the contemporary texts (literary and epigraphical) to provide a new understanding of the social dynamics of Archaic Greece and the character and significance of archaic Greek tyranny.

Research Interests

I am interested in social relationships in ancient Greek societies during the archaic period (775-479 BC). I research the interplay of communities, groups and individuals, using social networks and physical infrastructure to explore how societies were organised, and how social cohesion evolved with changing circumstances. This topic overlaps with ancient economies and politics, both of which I seek to place in their social contexts. My work makes use of both written materials and archaeological evidence.

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