Lucia Arias


Thesis Title

An ethnographic analysis of participatory and learning methodologies in an art organisation


Manchester Metropolitan University


Dr Harriet Rowley, Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor Kate Pahl, Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor Kristina Niedderer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Research Summary

This thesis focuses on pedagogy and contemporary art curation practices in the context of participatory art projects with young people. It explores the basic principles of this work in the context of FACT Liverpool’s Learning Programme.

The union of learning and art creation spaces with artists and participants, combined with the exploration of contemporary online culture and technology, gives FACT a unique perspective to analyse the relationship between art production and collaboration with youth.

This research follows the work of practice-based researchers, the reflections of professionals in the art sector, the history of participatory arts, and socially engaged practices. But it aims to identify and recognise the Learning Programme’s practice and methodology when producing media art with young people and artists: the approaches and ethics of collaboration and engagement to “reposition” young people’s knowledge; the curation and production processes when artworks are shown in the art gallery.

Research Interests

Gallery education,
visual arts,
socially engaged
and situated art practices.

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