Marta Zingale

Marta Zingale


Thesis Title

The social, organizational and technological context of pottery production in mid-3rd millennium Southern Mesopotamia


University of Manchester


Dr. Ina Berg
Prof Stuart Campbell

Research Summary

My project aims to reconstruct the organization of pottery production during the third millennium in southern Mesopotamia (Iraq) with a focus on identifying recurrent gestures that characterize the production of specific standard vessel shapes and/or distinguish between production set-ups over time. The research applies an interdisciplinary approach that combines macroscopic, radiographic, and experimental analyses.

Research Interests

Pottery production,
experimental archaeology
and radiographic analysis.


2023 ED III/Akkadian Pottery Chaîne opératoire and behavioral sequence as seen from Abu Tbeirah’s Evidence in Marchetti, N. et al. (eds), Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Vol. 1, Bologna.

2019 Romano, L. – Zingale, M. Area 1 Pottery. Part 1: A Preliminary Assessment on Typology, Technology, and Use, in Romano, L. and D’Agostino, F. (eds), Abu Tbeirah Excavations I. Area 1: Last Phase and Building A – Phase 1: 323 – 369, Rome.


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