Meg Ritchie

Meg Ritchie


Thesis Title

“Sex Could Not Be Further From Our Minds, For Better Or For Worse”: (Un)thinking Asexualities within Post-Apocalyptic Video Games


Lancaster University


Dr Eva Li
Dr Laura Clancy
Dr Rob Gallagher (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Research Summary

My research critically interrogates the representation of explicit asexualities through the post-apocalyptic video game franchise, Death Stranding (Kojima Productions, 2019; 2022). It offers a twofold, autoethnographic understanding into how games – and the analyst – construct asexualities, going beyond discourse so as to capture the phenomenological and experiential processes that go into understandings of sex, sexuality, desirable and desiring bodies. To do this, I have both developed and utilised an autoethnographic “player-as-analyst” methodological approach, detailing a unifying methodology that addresses and foregrounds the embodied experience of the researcher, spanning both the object of study, the process of data collection, and the self. As such, my research offers a constitutive and generative approach to analysing video games and asexualities, transforming the oft dismissed “bad object” of representation into a site of erotic power.

Research Interests

asexuality studies,
game studies,
nostalgia and phenomenology.


Ritchie, M. (2023) ‘Playing with Research: Transforming Representational Studies and Method through Autoethnographic Inquiry’, Futuring Outside the Box: New Dynamics in Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester, 15 June.


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