Megan Steinberg

Megan Steinberg

Twitter: @megan_steinberg

Thesis Title

Living Instruments, Universal Composition: New Works and Accessible Music Processes for and by Disabled Musicians


University of Salford


Emily Howard
Sam Salem
David de Roure
Cat McGill

Research Summary

A portfolio of works and documentation of compositional processes. We are exploring new instruments and processes, placing accessibility first in the composition process, interrogating and highlighting the value of experimental music systems for disabled musicians, including guided improvisation; artificial intelligence; alternative notation, and collaborative composition. The three primary aims of this portfolio, resulting performances and documentation are to:

  1. Develop sustainable creative processes built on the social model of disability,
  2. Create new works for accessible musical instruments,
  3. Explore the role and impact of artificial intelligence in new and accessible music.

I am looking at ableist bias in AI and Machine Learning systems as well as the potential of AI to support disabled, d/Deaf and neurodivergent artists.

Research Interests

Disability studies,
experimental music composition,
musical instruments
and artificial intelligence.


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