Núria Barrios Jurado

Núria Barrios Jurado

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nuriabarriosjurado/
Instagram: https://twitter.com/NBarriosJurado
Email: nuria.barriosjurado@manchester.ac.uk
Website: https://research.manchester.ac.uk/en/persons/nuria.barriosjurado

Thesis Title

The syntax-discourse interface: A comparative study of Catalan and Spanish


The University of Manchester


Professor Delia Bentley
Doctor Julio Villa-Garcia

Research Summary

My PhD investigates the syntax and information structure interface in Catalan and Spanish, two closely related Romance languages. In the Romance languages, different word order configurations may constraint the information partition of a sentence, i.e. limit the scope of the focus or non-presupposed information. Catalan is more restrictive than Spanish when it comes to allowing different focus structure interpretations with non-canonical word order configurations. In particular, I am interested in studying sentence-focus constructions in VS order, that is, a sentence that is felicitous when uttered in an ‘out-of-the-blue’ situation and where the subject appears postverbally. I will collect corpus and experimental data from native speakers of Catalan and Spanish in order to investigate the interaction of syntax and information structure in these languages. In comparing both languages, I hope to assess to what extent they are distinct in sentence-focus VS structures.

Research Interests

Information structure,
Romance languages,
and Catalan.


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