Paula Martin

Paula Martin


Thesis Title

Global connections and local contexts: the material culture of Saltram, c. 1725-1840.


Manchester Metropolitan University


Professor Jon Stobart (MMU)
Doctor Marie Molloy (MMU)
Zoe Shearman (National Trust)

Research Summary

The Parker family commissioned and acquired thousands of objects over the period 1725 to 1840 and so, like many country houses, their house Saltram has a mix of British, European, and Asian objects. My research explores how, why and from where did three generations of the Parker family furnish their house. Using archive material I explore the ways in which goods were obtained, through global trade, from Europe or locally through shops, sale rooms, dealers, family connections and direct commissions. This is set within the wider context of how consumption practices and motivations for collecting changed over the period.
This thesis is a collaboration between Manchester Metropolitan University and the National Trust.

Research Interests

Material culture,
history of art and architecture
and the country house.


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