Rachel Daley

Rachel Daley

Email: r.k.daley@keele.ac.uk

Thesis Title

Cosmopolitan Collection and Regional Resource: The Social Life of Tatton Park Library


Keele University in collaboration with Tatton Park, Knutsford, and the National Trust


Dr Jonathon Shears (Keele University)
Dr Rachel Adcock (Keele University)
Mr Tim Pye (National Trust Libraries)

Research Summary

This thesis focuses on collecting, material culture and the circulation of ideas by exploring the way regional elites understood themselves and their impact on local, national, and international stages. The focal point is the library at Tatton Park, Cheshire as a site where issues of gender, class and race intersect. This project will extend understanding of the generations of the Egerton family who owned Tatton, their acquisitions, tastes, and the role of the library as a resource for the family and the wider community.

Research Interests

Library history and culture,
Material culture and
The role of women in library collection curation.


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