Rebecca Parnell

Rebecca Parnell

Twitter: @beckyjparnell

Thesis Title

Putting the Orchestra in its Place: Partnership, Community and the Dynamics of Collaboration at Manchester Camerata’s ‘new home’ in Gorton


University of Manchester


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Research Summary

This project seeks to examine the dynamics of collaboration in the community work undertaken by the chamber orchestra Manchester Camerata, specifically as it relates to the ways in which place and community mediate classical music, memory, and belonging. The project will take advantage of, and research, a new phase in the relationship between the orchestra and the community in Gorton, as after seven years of collaboration Manchester Camerata now has a permanent home at The Monastery. The project will draw upon Camerata’s expertise and past experience to ask the following overarching question: what factors underpin the ways in which those who work for the orchestra, with the orchestra, and/or participate in its projects respond to the Monastery and to Gorton as a place?

Research Interests

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