Tanguy Pocquet

Tanguy Pocquet

Email: tanguy.pocquet@gmail.com
Website: https://tanguypocquet.com

Thesis Title

Portfolio of compositions:
Creating electroacoustic compositions through the sonification of recursive neural networks
Exploring the creative use of in-training data for informational and monitoring purposes


The University of Manchester


Ricardo Climent
Richard Allmendinger

Research Summary

This research will explore the sonification of data from recursive neural networks as a way to generate new, engaging musical materials, to create a portfolio of electroacoustic compositions that can provide some insights into how these networks operate, including the rate of data transformation and the effect of recurrent cells on that transformation. I hope this work can bring into focus the potential for human control in the use and design of deeplearning networks for creative purposes, and in algorithmic sonification.

Research Interests

Data sonification; music and sound-art; psychoacoustics; artificial intelligence


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