Timur Slavgorodskii-Kazanets

Email: t.slavgorodskii-kazanets@edu.salford.ac.uk

Thesis Title

Game Narratives and Propaganda: Identity Construction in Virtual Worlds Narratives


University of Salford


Dr Manuel Hernández-Pérez
Dr Mick Lockwood

Research Summary

My research revolves around the virtual identities of video game players, and how exploring them can contribute to the fundamental issues in media studies and political science.

Also, I have a huge interest in methodological improvements in studying Virtual Worlds including the application of mixed-methods strategies to the relevant subjects.

Previously, I worked on the topic while obtaining my MA degree at the Freie Universität Berlin. The current PhD research project involves using a practice-based methodological approach as I believe academic and industrial worlds of video games can benefit from active interaction with each other.

Research Interests

Game Narratives;
Virtual Identity;
Mixed-methods Research;
Virtual Ethnography;
Propaganda Studies.


Poretskova, A., Slavgorodskii-Kazanets, T. (2020). The Use of Narrative Analysis in Identity
Research in Virtual Ethnography: Possibilities and Constraints. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie,Volume 1. 51–61.

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