Valentina Iannace



Previous Education

BA Classics from Sapienza University of Rome

MA Philology, Literature and History of the Ancient World from Sapienza University of Rome


Thesis Title

The Village of Theadelphia in the Second Century AD: The Archives of Aphrodisios, son of Philippos, and of Ptolemaios, son of Diodoros



Dr. Roberta Mazza

Prof. Christian Laes


Research Summary

My research project aims to investigate the social history of the village of Theadelphia (Fayum) in second century AD, by using some archival documentation on papyrus as a source. I mainly focus on two archives, those of Aphrodisios son of Philippos (AD 88 161), and Ptolemaios son of Diodoros (AD 138 162), as they might enable us to fill gaps about this village and its elites. Therefore, I will produce an edition, with extensive philological and historical commentary, of all the documents belong to the archives of Aphrodisios and Ptolemaios.

This project has the following objectives: 1. To investigate the social aspect of second century Theadelphia, focusing on the status of privileged families; 2. To contribute to previous knowledge on taxation of Roman Egypt, especially on land taxes and taxes on maintenance of dams and canals; 3. To analyse the management of the marshes in relation to hunting and fishing.


Research Interests

Documentary Papyrology; Graeco-Roman history; Social History of the Ancient World.



V. Iannace, ’Una lettera di accompagnamento librario (SB XIV 11996)’, Studi di Egittologia e di Papirologia 15 (2018), 73-78.

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