Zerihun Birehanu Sira

Zerihun Birehanu Sira

X (Twitter): @zere324
Email: zere324@yahoo.com

Thesis Title

Theater, Politics and Society in Ethiopia: 1991-2017


The University of Manchester


Professor Stephen Scott-Bottoms
Professor Tanja Muller

Research Summary

My dissertation engages in studying the intricate relationship between theater and politics in Ethiopia from 1991 to 2017. By examining the interconnectedness of theater, society, urban life, nationalism, and political dynamics, my research seeks to unravel the ways in which these elements influence and interact with each other.

Research Interests

African Theater,
Postcolonial Theater,
Theater and Society.


Sira, Zerihun. Ethiopian Theater: Ideas on Modernity and Nation Building. Lambert Academic Publishing; Germany.2014.

Book Chapters
Zerihun Birehanu: Performing the Nation: Incorporating Cultural Performance into Theater in Ethiopia in African Theater 18 (Editor: Chukwuma Okoye)
Zerihun Birehanu and Jane Plastow: An Absurdist in Addis Ababa: Manyazewal Endashaw’s Engida (the Guest) in African Theatre: Eight Plays from East & West Africa (editors) Jane Plastow and Martin Banham, University of Leeds, UK.

Zerihun Birehanu Sira: Women Leaders in Ethiopian Theater: “Women’s Innovations in theater, Dance and Performance-Volume 4, Leaders”. Editors: Eva Aymami-Rene, Anita Gonzalez & Kimberly Jew (Book Chapter)


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