PhD Placements and Creative Residencies

Knowledge Exchange (KE) between arts and humanities research and non-University sectors plays an integral part of what it means to do world-leading research today and as such is central in our doctoral training programme. Through intersectoral collaboration we advocate for the role of the Humanities in “enabling cultural participation, addressing contemporary social challenges and creating economic value” (AHRC 2019 Delivery Plan, p. 5). 

Researchers are supported financially to spend up to three months full time (or part time equivalent) to work on projects designed in collaboration with partners and that have defined clear benefits to all parties involved. Researchers can bring their research skills, creativity and expertise in a variety of contexts, grow their networks and professional profile, while making a difference to the organisation, contributing to their mission and goals.

We offer a comprehensive package of support for this collaborative work including:

  • Project design and development support for researchers and partners
  • Coaching to support the collaboration from ideation to completion
  • Financial cover for the researcher’s time and some project costs.

Projects can be full time, part time or in blocks. We pay researchers the equivalent of the UKRI stipend rate for the duration of the placement and support them with travel and accommodation costs if these aren’t funded by the organisation. 

The deadline for partners to propose placements is September each year, for projects starting in from early 2023.

Researchers can respond to partners’ projects when advertised, propose their own placement project with a partner of their choice all year round (Researcher-Led route), or apply to other National and International placement schemes, and receive support from pre-application to completion and dissemination of results. Full details on how to apply can be found on the Guidance Document. For an informal discussion, or advice and support please contact Dr Rosalinda Quintieri, NWCDTP Postgraduate Research Placements and Partnerships Officer.


Coaching sessions for Researchers