PhD Researcher Seeks Actors / Budding Actors For Film Project (Pavel Prokopic)

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This is a call-out from NWCDTP AHRC PhD researcher, Pavel Prokopic. He is looking for actors. The suggestion is not that you abandon your PhD studies and chase Hollywood stardom (tempting though that might feel at times) but rather that you may know someone who could be interested – six degrees of separation and all that.  More below.



Ever wanted to try out film acting?  Or does the idea sound intriguing? Or are you an experienced actor, but interested in exploring new ways of achieving strong performances for the screen?   Then please come audition for my film, which forms the basis of a PhD research, entitled “Between structure and the moving body: searching for Affective Signs in film performance.”

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The 10-minute audition will take place at the Adelphi building, Peru Street, Salford University, in room APG03 (ground floor) on 11th of April between 1pm and 6pm.   Please email to p.prokopic[at] or message at to get an audition slot and to get the audition script.

You can also just show up between 6pm and 7pm, but your audition time might be limited.   In the audition you will be asked to a) deliver the lines of either character from a script that will be provided;  b) talk about a strong feeling or experience.  Your acting training or experience is definitely a bonus, but ANYONE is welcome to audition, including persons with no previous acting experience. Foreign language speakers are especially welcome.   If you’re not available on the day, you can also audition online. Learn more at:

The filming will take place in multiple stages during the second half of 2016 and the first half of 2017, and the specific dates are flexible and negotiable. The level of your commitment is also negotiable and will depend on your availability. You can take part for a single day only, or for several weeks.   You will benefit by working with an experienced film director who strives to create exceptional moments of film performance, and by taking part in a unique creative and collaborative process.

The film will be produced to a high professional standard, and you will have access to all the footage for later use in your showreel, as well as receive a copy of the final film. Furthermore, the film will be screened at film festivals and art exhibitions, and will create good exposure for you. Unfortunately there is no payment available, but your expenses will be covered during production.   Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting you.