Robert’s Research on the Role of Music in Promoting Cultural Hegemony takes him to Hungary 1956 commemorations

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Robert Laszlo Gyorgyi Instagram: @robiful Email: Thesis Title The Role of Music in Promoting Cultural Hegemony During Hungarian National Commemorations under The System of National Cooperation Institution University of Manchester

My recent trip to Budapest, Hungary, was a pivotal moment in my academic journey, thanks to the support of the NWCDTP. As a third-year PhD candidate specialising in national commemorations, my visit was a crucial part of my research. The highlight of my trip was attending the national commemoration on 23 October 23, which honoured the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. This event was a rich tapestry of experiences that I was fortunate to document and understand. Through my fieldwork, I had the chance to connect with the people of Budapest, witnessing how these commemorations deeply impact their national identity and historical awareness. The interviews I conducted with attendees provided a profound insight into the event’s importance.

Apart from the commemoration, my time in Budapest was enriched by access to local archives and interactions with fellow musicologists who share my research interests. These experiences broadened my perspective and provided fresh insights into the role of music in national commemorations.

My research uncovered a complex mix of emotions and historical connections among the Hungarian people, highlighting how commemorations play a vital role in shaping national identity. These findings have significantly enhanced my PhD thesis, adding depth and detail to my work.

My journey in Budapest was not just about academic growth; it was also a transformative personal experience. It expanded my cultural awareness, deepened my appreciation for diverse viewpoints, and created a sense of connection.

The support and opportunities provided by the NWCDTP were crucial in making this journey possible. They offered the resources and connections I needed to explore my research project fully. The NWCDTP not only supported my fieldwork but also provided a platform for sharing my experiences with the academic community.