NWCDTP Annual Conference 2018 – Call for papers

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Human Technologies, Digital Humanities

AHRC NWCDTP Postgraduate Conference 2018

10-11 October 2018
The University of Salford – MediaCityUK Campus

The AHRC North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership is delighted to announce that this year’s conference, Human Technologies, Digital Humanities, will be hosted by the University of Salford at its MediaCity UK Campus on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th October 2018.

MediaCity UK as a site that incorporates both Manchester’s industrial heritage and its creative, digital present, represents a nexus of past, present and future in innovation, technology, creativity,
and productivity.

With this in mind, this conference seeks to examine and interrogate how people have and continue to understand and use technology across the Arts and Humanities. Inextricably linked to human
experience, technology has the power to transform, construct and disrupt daily lives, landscapes and cultures. How people have encountered and responded to the changes that technologies bring,
and the changes in technologies themselves, in both positive and negative ways form the central concerns of this conference.

We are seeking proposals for papers/presentations that reflect on ideas of technologies from two key perspectives:

1) Firstly, analysing Human Technologies: how does technology manifest in your own research? How
can this challenge existing definitions of technology?

2) Secondly, analysing Digital Humanities: as a researcher, how do you use technology? How does it
affect your research, methods and/or outputs and impact?

The proposals should be related to how researchers use technology within their own research, how technology is altering or improving the impact of academic research, and/or how ‘technology’ can
be approached in different contexts or frameworks. Themes to think about might include, but are not limited to:
● Gender and sexuality
● Identity and ethnicity
● Material cultures
● Landscape and environment, design and architecture
● Research methodologies (e.g. How researchers use technology in their practices, methodologies
and outputs?)
● Creative economies and industries, media production and consumption (e.g. How digital
technologies have transformed the actor-audience relationship in creative industries?)
● Impact and public engagement, politics and journalism (e.g. How social media and digital
humanities affect the production and circulation of knowledge within and beyond the
● Posthumanism, transhumanism, artificial intelligence
● Health, wellbeing and emotionality (e.g. How is it altering human life and human interaction?
Can the body be considered as a technology?)


We welcome submissions from students from all disciplines across the NWCDTP and beyond in the form of academic papers, research posters or artistic performances. MediaCityUK offers several
unique performance spaces and facilities and we are therefore interested in encouraging pieces that incorporate audio, visual, musical and performance aspects.


Papers/Presentations: 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion
Performances: 20 minutes with 10 minutes for response
Posters: Size A1

Deadline for submission is Friday 17th August 2018

For more information on how to send an abstract please visit: https://nwcdtpconference2018.wordpress.com/

or contact the Organising Committee: NWCDTPConference2018@gmail.com